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Acron Group

Acron Group is a leading Russian and global mineral fertilizer producer with a diversified product portfolio consisting of multi-nutrient fertilizers such as NPK and bulk blends, as well as straight nitrogen-based products such as urea, ammonium nitrate and UAN. The group also produces organic synthesis products, including methanol, formaldehyde and UFR, and inorganic synthesis products, such as industrial grade ammonium nitrate, carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate. NPK, a mix of three primary nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, accounted for around 50% of the group’s 2007 fertilizer sales. According to FERTECON, based on 2007 production output, Acron ranked first in Russia and second worldwide in the production of NPK fertilizers and accounted for around 6% of the total NPK production output in China.

The Group has fertilizer production facilities in three locations: Acron, located in Novgorod Region in the northwest of Russia; Dorogobuzh, located in the Smolensk region in the central-western part of Russia; and Hongri Acron, located in the Shandong province of China. In addition, with a view to securing supplies of phosphate and potash, the group has acquired licenses for the development of two apatite-nepheline ore deposits in the Murmansk region of Russia, and a potassium-magnesium salt deposit in the Perm Krai of Russia. It also has significant logistics and transportation capabilities.

A substantial part of Acron’s sales volumes are to the Chinese market through a network of independent wholesale distributors, who sell to local retailers. Another integral part of the Group’s marketing strategy is Agronova International, Acron’s trading company that covers foreign markets.