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AvtoVAZ is one of the biggest car manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the leading automobile producer in Russia. Its manufacturing capacity enables the company to produce over 750,000 cars per year. AvtoVAZ built over 25 mln Lada automobiles over 1970-2008.

AvtoVAZ produces 14 models of six main types of Lada automobiles, and has around 104,000 employees working at the plant.

Tax payments from the company form over 40% of the Togliatti city budget, 20% of the Samara Region budget and roughly 1% of the federal budget.

Over 1,000 companies all over Russia are involved in supplying spare parts and materials to AvtoVAZ, as well as for its system of technical maintenance for automobiles.

AvtoVAZ’ revenues for 9m08 totaled R126 bln, and its net income was R834 mln. French automaker Renault became a strategic partner and a shareholder in AvtoVAZ in February 2008 by acquiring 25%+1 share of the Russian carmaker.