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Surgutneftegaz is one of the largest vertically-integrated oil producers in Russia, and a strong player on Russian and global markets.

The key areas of the company’s activities include: hydrocarbon resources exploration and extraction; crude oil production; gas processing and power generation; and oil refining and marketing.

Surgutneftegaz has over 30 years of experience in hydrocarbon production and refining. The company’s share in the domestic oil and gas production is 13.1% and 2.2%, respectively. It was one of the first to commence operations in Eastern Siberia under the national project to develop the new producing region and achieve a strategic goal to export crude oil to promising markets in the interests of Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries. The company is dynamically expanding the scope of its activities in new oil and gas provinces.

Surgutneftegaz shares are among the Russian stock market’s blue chips; DRs issued for ordinary and preferred shares trade on a number of European exchanges and the US OTC market.