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Transaero is a prominent Russian air carrier established in 1991 that carries out flights mainly from Domodedovo and Pulkovo – the largest Russian airports – and also operates part of its routes from Sheremetyevo, Koltsovo (Novosibirsk) and Tolmachevo (Ekaterinburg). Transaero’s main hubs account for more than 60% of passenger traffic flow in Russia. Among Russian air carriers, the airline is second only to Aeroflot by passenger turnover (more than 13,524 mln pax per kilometer over 9m08), and for a number of years holds permanent leadership in terms of annual growth based on the number of passengers carried.

During 9m08, the airline served 116 routes, of which 105 were international. Most destinations are located in Russia and the CIS, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Mid-East and North America. Destinations in Europe account for more than 40% of all flights. Transaero also holds licenses to serve around 20 other cities in 13 countries.

The airline’s fleet consists of 41 aircraft, including 39 Western-built, among which are the fastest long-haul types of civil aircrafts, Boeing’s 747 and 777 models. During 2008, the airline added 10 aircraft to its fleet, and it plans to expand further. Despite the lack of cargo planes in its fleet, Transaero is among the ten largest freight carriers in Russia. This is the result of efficient fleet management, as 100% of cargo was carried by regular flights. Transaero is the only carrier in Russia offering four classes of service: first, business, premium economy, and tourist. In 2008, the airline’s revenues exceeded R38 bln, and its net income was more than R500 mln.