Thursday, February 5

Russian Banks: Consolidation and Change

The fallout from the global financial crisis is catalyzing the most profound changes in the Russian banking sector of the past decade. After several years of relatively undisturbed growth and profitability, tectonic shifts in the global financial system will shape the course for Russian banks over the next few years, with sector consolidation and the ability of banks to withstand economic slowdown at the forefront of the issues now facing the sector.

In this panel, we will bring together the top management of the leading banks in Russia, the most committed foreign players and senior representatives from the regulators. We will discuss the implications of a changing financial world for Russian banks, including the increased role of the state and regulation in the banking sector, the prospects for consolidation within the sector and the likely winners and losers during this process. We will also look at whether the global financial crisis is forcing the Russian banking sector to take a step back, or whether it is opening up new opportunities for the emergence of a stronger and more stable banking system.

Richard Hainsworth, Chief Executive Officer, RusRating

Anatoly Aksakov, Deputy Chairman of Credit Organizations and Financial Markets Committee, Member of National Banking Council of the Russian Federation Central Bank
Philippe Delpal, President of “BNP Paribas Vostok” Bank
Nilolay Gavrilov, Chairman of the Board, Roseximbank
Mikhail Sukhov, Director, Credit Institutions Licensing and Financial Rehabilitation Department, Bank of Russia
Nikolai Tsekhomsky, Chief Financial Officer, VTB