Thursday, February 5

Media: Internet and Advertising Spend

The internet as a medium for communication, advertisers, news and entertainment has been booming in Russia for the last few years. Thus far, the country has been one of the few in which global players have failed to prosper due to historical and cultural reasons. But the situation is quickly changing as foreign investment and competition penetrates the sector.

This panel attempts to bring together local and global players in this space and assess the opportunities from many perspectives: the consumer, the investor, the advertiser. It will consider the prospects for technology and regional penetration. Can domestic players continue to rule the market? How will the growth be monetized by the many different components? Does a regional strategy matter, or is this dependent on whether fixed line can prevail over new mobile technology?

Anton Nosik, Editor-in-Chief,

Vladimir Dolgov, Chief Executive Officer, Google Russia
Demyan Kudryavtsev, General Director, Kommersant Publishing House
Mark Opzoomer, Chief Executive Officer, Rambler Media
Arsen Revazov, Cofounder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Agency IMHO VI
Nikita Sherman, President,
Arkady Volozh, Chief Executive Officer, Yandex
David Waroquier, Principal, Mangrove Capital Partners