Thursday, February 5

Made in Russia: Domestic Consumer Goods

In 1998, a fall in the ruble’s value led to remarkable opportunities for Russian producers of consumer goods, as foreign producers were locked out of the market by the weak currency, and yet domestic growth was high. It looks as if the ruble has ended its long period of real appreciation, providing opportunities for producers of domestic goods to shine once again. The difference between now and 1998 is that companies have far more resources and experience and are likely to be able to seize the opportunity even faster. In sectors from food to pharmaceuticals to automotive, this is a superb opportunity for Russian producers to build up market share.

Richard Smyth, General Manager, Mars LLC

Stefan De Loecker, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé Rossiya LLC
Sergei Ivanov, Chief Executive Officer, Solnechnyie Produkty Holding
Patricia O’Hayer, Vice President Communications and Corporate Relations, Unilever
Andrey Yanovsky, Chief Executive Officer, Nidan