1. A
    1. Aksakov Anatoly, Deputy Chairman of Credit Organizations and Financial Markets Committee, Member of National Banking Council of the Russian Federation Central Bank
    2. Aleshin Boris, President, JSC “AVTOVAZ”
    3. Ananiev Dmitry, Chairman, Federal Council Committee on Financial Markets and Currency Circulation
    4. Andreyev Fyodor, Senior Vice President, Russian Railways
  2. B
    1. Barty James, Global Strategist, Arrowgrass
    2. Berglof Erik, Chief Economist, EBRD
    3. Blondeau Eric, Chief Executive Officer, Nezavisimost Group
    4. Bogdanchikov Sergey, President, Rosneft
    5. Bonchev Ivan, Senior Manager, TAS, CIS Automotive Leader, Ernst&Young
    6. Bougrov Andrei, Managing Director and Board of Directors Member, Interros Company
    7. Bremmer Ian, President, Eurasia Group
    8. Brenton Tony, Former British Ambassador to Russia, UK Foreign Office
  3. C
    1. Campbell John, Partner, Metals & Mining Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers
    2. Chistyakov Alexander, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Federal Grid Company, First Deputy General Director of MRSK Holding
    3. Chubais Anatoly, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies
    4. Chudnovskiy Eugene, Deputy CEO, Koltsovo Invest
    5. Clarida Richard, Global Strategic Advisor, PIMCO
  4. D
    1. De Loecker Stefan, Chief Executive Officer, Nestle Rossiya LLC
    2. De Soto Hernando, President, Institute for Liberty and Democracy
    3. Delpal Philippe, President of “BNP Paribas Vostok” Bank
    4. Derby Peter, Chairman, CreditStar
    5. Deulina Anastasia, Vice President, First Reserve Corporation
    6. Dmitriev Vladimir, Chairman, Vnesheconombank
    7. Dolgov Vladimir, Chief Executive Officer, Google Russia
    8. Dvorkovich Arkady, Advisor to the President, Government of the Russian Federation
  5. E
    1. Eberhardson Erik, Chairman of the Board, JSC “GAZ”
    2. Eigen Peter, Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Council, Transparency International
  6. F
    1. Fache Dominique, General Director for Russia and CIS, Enel
    2. Fuller Mark, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Monitor Group
  7. G
    1. Galitsky Sergey, General Director, Magnit
    2. Garo Armen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer , Antigenics
    3. Gavrilenkov Evgeny, Managing Director, Chief Economist, Troika Dialog Group
    4. Gavrilov Nilolay, Chairman of the Board, Eximbank of Russia
    5. Genevski Konstantin, Moscow Representative, Trafigura Beheer
    6. Gilman Martin, Professor, Higher School of Economics
    7. Goryunov Roman, Chief Executive Officer, RTS Stock Exchange
    8. Granville Christopher, Managing Director, Trusted Sources
    9. Grebenkin Sergey, CIS Regional Manager, Trafigura Beheer BV, Moscow representative office
    10. Gref German, President and Chairman, Sberbank
    11. Guriev Sergey, Rector and Morgan Stanley Professor of Economics, New Economic School (NES)
  8. H
    1. Hainsworth Richard, Chief Executive Officer, RusRating
    2. Hakansson Peter Elam, Chairman of the Board of Directors, East Capital Asset Management
    3. Hendry Hugh, Co-founder, Eclectica Asset Management
  9. I
    1. Ivanov Sergei, Chief Executive Officer, Solnechnyie Produkty Holding
  10. K
    1. Karachinsky Anatoly, President, IBS Group Holding
    2. Karaganov Sergey, Chairman, Council of Foreign Defence Policy
    3. Kempe Fred, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Council of the United States
    4. Khajeh-Hosseiny Hosein, Managing Director, Northgate Capital
    5. Khasanov Mars, Vice President of Science, Rosneft
    6. Khasis Lev, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Management Board, X5 Retail Group
    7. Khramov Denis, Head of Department for State Policy and Regulation in Geological Exploration and Subsoil Use, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation
    8. Kirienko Sergei, Chief Executive Officer, Rosatom
    9. Kogogin Sergey, Chief Executive Officer, OJSC “KAMAZ”
    10. Kozhinov Anton, Finance Director, Rosneft
    11. Kramarenko Alexander, Foreign Policy Planning Department Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
    12. Krutikhin Mikhail, Partner, RusEnergy
    13. Krylov Igor, Chief Executive Officer, JSC “Pharmstandart”
    14. Kudryavtsev Demyan, General Director, Kommersant Publishing House
    15. Kurtser Mark, Chief doctor, Center of Family Planning & Reproduction
    16. Kurtzman Joel, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kurtzman Group
    17. Kusnirovich Mikhail, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bosco di Ciliegi Group of Companies
    18. Kuchins Andrew, Director for Russia and Eurasia, Centre for Strategic Studies
  11. L
    1. Linkweiler Holger, HOCHTIEF AirPort and HOCHTIEF AirPort Capital
  12. M
    1. Mastepanov Alexey, Advisor to Chief Executive Officer on ES and FE Strategy, Gazprom
    2. Meader Neil, Research Director, GFMS Limited
    3. Melamed Leonid A., President and Chief Executive Officer, Sistema
    4. Melamed Leonid B., President, JSC “Effortel”
    5. Mikhelson Leonid, Chairman, NOVATEK
    6. Milovidov Vladimir, Chairman, The Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS)
    7. Mitrova Tatiana, Head of the Center for International Energy Markets Studies, Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    8. Molchanov Yuri, Vice Governor of St. Petersburg
    9. Monferino Paolo, Chief Executive Officer, IVECO (FIAT Group)
    10. Morgan Tav
  13. N
    1. Natsis Trifon, Partner, Brevan Howard Asset Management
    2. Nesis Vitaly, Member of the Board of Director, Chief Executive Officer, Polymetall
    3. Neveynitsin Stanislav, General Director, OGK-2
    4. Novikov Alexei, Director, Standard & Poor’s, Russia and CIS, Head of Moscow office
    5. Nosik Anton, Editor-in-Chief, BFM.ru
    6. Nuryaev Anatoly, First Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Surgutneftegaz
  14. O
    1. Obermayer Michael, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Russia New Growth Fund, L.P.
    2. Ogden Stephen Paul, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lenta LLC
    3. O’Hayer Patricia, Vice President Communications and Corporate Relations, Unilever
    4. Opzoomer Mark, Chief Executive Officer, Rambler Media
  15. P
    1. Pakhomov Sergey, Chairman, State Debt Committee of the City of Moscow
    2. Ponomarev Dmitry, Chairman, JSC “ATS”, NP “Market Council”
  16. R
    1. Rajan Raghuram, Professor of Finance, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    2. Remes Seppo, Chief Executive Officer, Kiuru Partners Ltd
    3. Remi Paul, Managing Director, Veolia Water
    4. Revazov Arsen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, IMHO VI
    5. Riess Rainer, Member of the Management Board, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Managing Director, Cash Market Development at Deutsche Börse
    6. Robinson Paul, Group Manager, Non-Ferrous Metals, CRU Group
    7. Rodionov Ivan, Member of the Board, Russian Venture Capital Association
    8. Rogers Jim, International Investor and Author of “Adventure Capitalist”
    9. Roubini Nouriel, Professor of Economics, NYU’s Stern School of Business; Chairman, RGE Monitor
    10. Ruehl Christof, Chief Economist, BP Group
    11. Rusnak Alexander, Finance Director, Seventh Continent
    12. Rybnikov Alexei, Chief Executive Officer, MICEX Stock Exchange
  17. S
    1. Sapir Jacques, Dr. of Economics, Full Professor at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Director, CEMI-EHESS
    2. Schiffer Jonathan, Vice President, Moody’s
    3. Schmidt-Hebbel Klaus, Chief Economist, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
    4. Seewald Richard, Partner, Alpha Associates
    5. Sharonov Andrei, Managing Director, Troika Dialog Group
    6. Sherman Nikita, President, Odnoklassniki.ru
    7. Sheshuryak Sergey, Partner, Adams Street Partners
    8. Shvetsov Sergey, Director of Financial Markets Operations, Central Bank
    9. Shvetsov Vadim, Chief Executive Officer, SOLLERS
    10. Sinyugin Vyacheslav, Deputy Minister of Energy
    11. Slobodin Mikhail, President, IES-Holding
    12. Smyth Richard, General Manager, Mars LLC
    13. Steil Benn, Director of International Economics, Council of Foreign Relations
    14. Sukhov Mikhail, Director, Credit Institutions Licensing and Financial Rehabilitation Department, Bank of Russia
    15. Svetlitskiy Stanislav, Deputy Minister of Energy
  18. T
    1. Taleb Nassim, Distinguished Professor, New York University Polytechnic Institute
    2. Tay Michael, Executive Director, APEC Secretariat
    3. Tazin Sergey, Chief Executive Officer, E.ON Russia Power
    4. Tickell Graham, Finance Director, Unilever
    5. Timofeyev Alexey, Chairman, NAUFOR
    6. Tluszcz Mark, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Mangrove Capital Partners
    7. Tsekhomsky Nikolai, Chief Financial Officer, VTB
  19. U
    1. Usmanov Alisher, Chief Executive Officer, Gazprominvestholding
  20. V
    1. Vad Lila, Chief Executive Officer, Starr Investments Russia
    2. Vandromme Jean-Pierre, Executive Vice-President, Business Development Russia, VimpelCom
    3. Vardanian Ruben, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Troika Dialog Group
    4. Verdonck Jacques, Vice President Corporate and Strategic Planning, Renault
    5. Volkov Andrei, Dean, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo
    6. Volozh Arkady, Chief Executive Officer, Yandex
    7. Voskresensky Stanislav, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation
    8. Vybornov Sergey, President, Alrosa
    9. Vygon Grigory, Director for Economics and Finance, Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation
    10. Vyugin Oleg, Chairman of the Board of Directors, MDM Bank
  21. W
    1. Waroquier David, Principal, Mangrove Capital Partners
    2. Wermuth Jochen, Wermuth Asset Management GmbH
    3. Wolfowitz Paul, Ambassador, Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, previously President of the World Bank and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense
  22. X
    1. Xiang Lanxin, Professor, International History and Politics, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
  23. Y
    1. Yanovsky Andrey, Chief Executive Officer, Nidan