Alexei Mastepanov
Advisor to Deputy Board of Directors Chairman, Gazprom

Alexei Mastepanov has worked at the company since 2003, and since 20004, has been advisor to the deputy BoD chairman.

In 2002-03, he was deputy director of the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems at the Russian Academy of Sciences. From 1992-2002, he headed the management of prospective development of the oil and gas complex and the Energy Ministry’s department of strategic development of the oil and gas complex. Since 1999, he has been a member of the Russian Academy of Science’s board on energy problems.

From 1980-92, he worked at the All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Complex Fuel-Energy Problems (VNIIKTEP) under Gosplan. From 1971-78, he was a scientific member of the Council for the Study of Productive Power under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. From 1978-80, he was representative in Mongolia.

He holds a Russian government prize in the sphere of science and technology, and is an honorary regulator of natural monopolies.

He graduated from the economic faculty of the Lomonosovo Moscow State University, undertook postgraduate studies with the council of study of productive power under Gosplan, as well as Gosplan economic courses. He is a doctor of economic science and an Academic of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences. He has authored over 560 books and articles.